Friday, September 10, 2010

Aerie Report, September 10, 2010

Yesterday (Thursday) and today were gray, overcast days during which the temperatures never got above 60 degrees. I managed to get the grass cut Thursday morning and was just finishing up when Don and Adam showed up to work on the stone. They felt it was too cold to stain and, with nightly lows getting awfully close to 50 degrees and a 20% chance of showers on Thursday and 10% on Friday, I can't say I blame them. The oil based stain may shed water when it dries (or cures) but it is slow to do so when it's chilly.

And we did get some showers Thursday--not many, but a few. We actually got more on Friday when the "10% chance of showers" translated into "it will rain 6 minutes every hour."

Don showed up late today after making a maintenance call at the local bank. A call to replace a couple of lights became a need to do some plumbing repairs and more. When he did arrive (alone since Adam was doing his one-day-a-week stint as township building inspector), he and I moved the four boxes of unused stone out of the garage and basement and put them under a tarp on the side of the garage. With the garage cleared out, I could now get the ATV out--if it would start. After over three months of sitting, it started on the first attempt. Now if the Sears brand chainsaw started, I could go work in the woods. (This is a different chainsaw the one up at the Bolt Hole which ran beautifully last weekend.) I pulled the chainsaw out of the case, checked the bar oil and the fuel, primed the engine, choked the engine, and pulled the cord. And it started on the second pull.


Guess I'll be working in the woods Saturday. Especially since the chance of showers is 0% according to


Today was the day the folks at Alpin Haus were supposed to get to the trailer and replace the slide out motor. Since the part was allegedly delivered to them on September 1st, I wasn't surprised to get a phone call this afternoon telling me the trailer was done and I could pick it up. That will have to wait until Monday or Tuesday. Then, I'll take the ATV north and drop it at the Bolt Hole, pick up the travel trailer and take IT to the Bolt Hole, haul some wood out of the forest before hauling the ATV back to the Aerie.


Terry and her Mom are having a good time at the military reunion down in Gettysburg. As expected, the number of members of this WWII unit that fought through Italy under Mark W. Clark in attendance is growing smaller and smaller. Those survivors still healthy enough are between 85 and 90+ years of age. So many of these Polar Bears have passed away that a few years ago their association had to dissolve as per their by-laws. That didn't stop the family members from reorganizing and writing new by-laws that would permit the unit to continue meeting with their families and friends. besides Gettysburg, they'll take a bus ride over to D.C. to visit the WWII Memorial before they breakup Sunday evening.

I'm not sure if Terry and her Mom will be coming to the Aerie for a night before Terry takes Mom back to NJ.

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