Monday, September 06, 2010

Bolt Hole Firewood

I mentioned that mark and I spent several hours in the woods cutting some logs into splitting lengths so we would have some firewood this winter. While we worked, Mark had a game camera set up to test it's reliability. It was reliable all right. It took a picture every five minutes or so whether we were moving about in range or not. That will use up a memory card and a set of batteries right quick!

Any how, here's a shot showing some of the results of our labor.

There are two more stacks like this behind the one on the right plus a pile of stuff I didn't stack as neatly. All told, we probably have around 5 face cords of firewood.

The maple you see here wasn't as seasoned as we though and was, therefore, much heavier than expected. We thought, since the trees had no leaves this year that they had finally given up the ghost last fall/winter, but there's still considerable moisture there. They will cure a little more once they get split but, even as they are, they will burn if placed in a fire. Getting them started on their own may be a different story.

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