Monday, September 27, 2010

Other sources of color

Other than the leaves on the trees, there was additional color out there yesterday.

At The Muck, wild asters leaned out into the trail to the blind trying to get as much of the late season sunshine as they could.

Wild Asters at The Muck

At Hills Creek Lake, the lack of any breeze presented perfect conditions for the green algae to mass along the shoreline in swirls of many shades.

Swirls of Algae at Hills Creek Lake

And then, as if to mock my driving around in search of autumn colors, the sunset proved to be spectacular.

Sunset at the Aerie


Rev. Paul said...

VERY nice pictures - I'm glad you posted them. We have yellows & brown, with a few touches of red or orange here & there. Almost no green remains, but we do have some white, this morning, on the mountaintops.

Your pics are lovely.

JDP said...

Beautiful photos Joated.