Monday, September 13, 2010

Traveling Man

I've traveled over 350 miles today and I'm pooped! First it was 225 miles from the Aerie to the Bolt Hole hauling the utility trailer with the ATV on board. A brief stop to unload the ATV and unhitch the UT, a consultation with Mark about the electrical problems (an overloaded circuit fried one outlet and the router melting an extension cord along the way) and what materials we needed to make repairs (he had already run some new wire I had on hand so it was a couple of boxes, outlets, and a router) and I was off to Amsterdam to 1-visit Lowes and Wally World and 2-pick up the travel trailer.

While in route, Mark calls to say forget the router. The person he had look at it--and who said the microchips inside were toast--happened to have someone from phone company at her place today to do some computer/modem/router repairs after a wind storm caused her system to light up like it was the Fourth of July. That tech also looked at our router and switched out the chips. Mark met her halfway between her place and ours and got the thing up and running before I made it back with the TT. Thing works just fine now.

Any who... I got the electrical stuff we need. The travel trailer is parked int he garage. The slide out motor seems to work reasonably well. I'll still have to see about realigning one of the two gears as the rear side is slow to withdraw...but that will wait for another day.

The entire time I was driving today, there were forecasts of sever thunderstorms. I didn't run into any of them. Oh, there were a few sprinkles around Seneca Falls and there were some spots where it had obviously poured just before I arrived, but for the most part the impending sever storms just never happened to me. (Terry says they had strong winds along the PA-NY border and it poured down the hill from the Aerie but she got no rain on the home front. Which is good since it let Don work some more on the stone.)

So. Tomorrow we become electricians. But tonight I'm following the Jets on the intertubes.

Go Gang Green!

(Hope I can stay awake through the entire game.)

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