Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Aerie Report, September 28, 2010

Yesterday was a gray and dreary day with lots of fog and a light rain that fell almost all the time.

Terry was racing home from the Norfolk, VA area hoping to beat the torrential rains that were on their way. Aside from getting hit by just a few when she had to change course from due north to one of the side vectors going around the D.C. beltway, she did so with less than an hour to spare. Her little Aveo was parked snugly in the garage when the downpour started.

It continued on and off for most of the night and through the AM hours. The wind changed direction somewhere along the line and the rain from the south was replaced by rain from the west! And the wind velocity kicked up a notch, too. The wind has been swirling around the hillside even when the windmills are staying pretty much aligned to the west southwest.

Things got a little screwy this afternoon as bands of torrential rain would be interspersed with clear blue sky and sunshine. If you closed your eyes for more than 15 minutes you could be sure of seeing completely different weather when you opened them.

Any way, that seems to have been settled for the time being. I'm pretty sure we recorded more than an inch of rain since midnight Sunday. While Wednesday is supposed to be mostly sunny, Thursday looks to be a repeat of the rainy weather.

With the forecasts currently being presented by weather.com and accuhunch, it looks like I'll be heading up to the Bolt Hole with the log splitter on Friday. I'll carry some circuit breakers and 12-2 electrical wire so if it rains, I'll be able to do some rewiring of old, canvas and tar wires.

I'll also have my muzzle loader with me and will pick up a NYS hunting license. Won't be cheap, what with me being considered a "non-resident" but.... I really think they should consider property owners "residents" for the purpose of hunting and fishing licenses. As it is I'm paying close to 6K in property taxes on a part time residence and putting virtually no pressure on schools, highways, fire, police, etc. needs of the area. Plus I drop an awful lot of $$$ into the local economy in the form of groceries, building materials, etc. And let us not speak of the sales and fuel taxes!

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