Sunday, September 05, 2010

"Lake Effect Rain"

I never heard the term used before watching yesterday's weather on the local TV station, but I'm living it at the moment. There's currently a plume of rain coming off Lake Ontario and being carried through the town of Mexico eastward south of Boonville and into the southwest corner of the Adirondack Park.

Lake Effect Rain

The Bolt Hole is at the eastern edge of that plume and has been getting intermittent showers since around nine last night. Looks like it may continue through at least noon today. Not a good morning to be trying to work in the woods. Might be time to go to Plan B which includes either a nap...or more coffee and internet surfing.

Noon has come and gone but not so the Lake Effect Rains. The map still looks pretty much the same with only a slight deterioration here at the tail end of the rain plume. Leaves one guessing as to when and if the rain will fall, but fall it will. At least the temperatures have pretty much leveled off to the fall settings. Low last night was just above 40 degrees and, unless the sun miraculously makes an appearance, the high today should be right about where it is now: 58 degrees. Still no need for a fire in the cabin where it is in the low 60s, but maybe later tonight....

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