Friday, September 24, 2010

Aerie Report, September 24, 2010

Too warm and humid to do any work outside today. The forecast was for a high of 88 degrees. We were lucky though...only got to 84. Steady breeze blew out of the southwest all day yet the clouds above seemed to be heading in the opposite direction this afternoon. A sure sign that there's a front--even if it's a dry one--moving through. The forecast seems to indicate the same since there will be a high of just 62-64 degrees tomorrow. So tomorrow morning I'll get out there and stack the rest of the firewood.


This is a big weekend in Mansfield, PA. The annual celebration of the first night college football game puts the town and the University in a party mood. The Fabulous 1890s Weekend is here.

The University dropped it's football program a couple of years ago (just as we moved into the area, damn it!). It took just two years before they realized their mistake. The University now fields a sprint (light weight) football team. They face teams from Cornell, Army, Navy, Princeton, and U Penn in an abbreviated schedule. Tomorrow, as part of the celebration, the Mansfield Mountaineers square off against Army at 1 PM. Right after the parade.


Terry continues her time at the Smocking Arts Guild of America national convention in Norfolk, VA. To hear her tell it, there's lots of classes, lots of meeting, lots of food, lots of shopping, and lots of fun.

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JihadGene said...

For a second there I thought it was The SMOKING Arts Guild. LOL!