Thursday, September 23, 2010

Aerie Report, September 23, 2010

A warm, warm day here at the Aerie. It started off overcast with a spritz or two in the morning but the clouds cleared around noon and the sun shone brightly--and warmly--for the rest of the day.

I spent time today with the chainsaw and log splitter working on the pile on the side of the driveway. Got it all cut and split now and I'll be stacking the balance tomorrow. There's still much I could haul out of the woods but there's sufficient firewood now split and ready for burning this winter. Only a very prolonged cold spell will put force me to use it all.

I usually build a fire only when the temperatures are no higher than 25 degrees for a few days. The radiant floor heating system does a great job keeping the house warm without burning up a lot of propane. And, coupled with the use of the ceiling fans to circulate the warm air hovering in the peak of the cathedral ceiling, we're usually pretty toasty even when the thermostats read just 63 to 65 degrees.

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