Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mission Accomplished

I carried out my planned activities today. Cut the short "road" to the wood piles that Mark and I had created last week and then hauled said wood to the area near the barn for splitting in a week or so. (I have to take the ATV back to PA, split the wood I've got there, and wait for Terry to get back from her SAGA convention before I can return to the Bolt Hole. By then I'll have to decide whether I want to spend the nearly $300 bucks on a NYS hunting/fishing license.)

When I got done with those chores, I decided to move nearly all of the seasoned firewood that was in the barn into the woodshed attached to the cabin. That didn't take too long.

Then I treated myself by driving out to get a six-pack of Adirondack Lager by Saranac Brewery and a nice New York strip steak which I cooked myself. (Oh, and a Snickers bar...because I'm a died-in-the wool addict.)


Now I'm just surfing the net and reading about all the "upsets" in the primaries that took place yesterday. The National Republican backed candidates who lost to Tea Party backed candidates seem to be the most upset. Hey! It's what happens when you do not listen to your bosses--the voters. And don't go running away crying that you'll run as an independent or some such. Ask Charlie Crist how that's working out for him in Florida. Or Lisa Murkowski. Exactly what part of "the will of the people" do these losers not understand.

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Rev. Paul said...

"Exactly what part of "the will of the people" do these losers not understand."

Apparently, the whole thing. Lisa is expected to announce on Friday that she's staying in as a write-in candidate. The other loser - who didn't get any national press - was an R who came in a distant second for the Governor's race. He announced only TODAY that he won't try the write-in schtick.