Monday, September 06, 2010

Aerie Stone Work

When I got back to the Aerie this afternoon, I was impressed with the amount of stone work that Don and Adam have completed. They've been working just four days (Monday through Thursday). And Adam spent two of those days pressure washing two sides of the house preparing it for staining. (He would have done more, but our cistern was close to empty and the well is slow to recharge.) So we have Don doing most all of the work in putting the stainless steel mesh, the scratch coat and finally the stone in place.

Even so, there's only a small section of the large wall at the end of the basement that needs to be completed before the grout is applied to fill the cracks between stones. Then there's the short (height-wise) wall along the driveway leading up to the entrance and three small squares at the base of the garage pillars.

Right side of basement wall

Left side of basement wall

"Short" wall at entrance

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Cassie said...

Hello from our travels on the east coast! Were in your neck of the woods visiting mom for a few days, but not long enough to make a connection with any blogging friends. Back in Boston area now and then home in another few days. About this post. We also just had our walkout basement(outside) finished last month. I'll post some photos on my blog soon. Have been kind of a slouch about posting. We still need to get the landscaping done, but all in due time.