Friday, January 20, 2006

But would he walk a mile for one?

It might be tough to get one through the eye of a needle but apparently a camel can get himself out of a horse trailer pretty easily.
when Leroy Bollinger checked his trailer after stopping for gas Wednesday and found that the six-to-seven-foot-tall camel back there when he started his trip wasn't there any more.
You would think he would notice the change in handling when his tow-load shifted and then lightened.
An hour after the two-county search began, Bollinger's son, Robert spotted the four-month-old male camel named Bocephalus about 10 miles west of the Illinois River along U.S. 24.

Bocephalus was bruised and scratched, which isn't too bad considering that the camel apparently hopped the trailer's four-foot gate as it whizzed along the highway at 55 mph

Via Yahoo News

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