Monday, January 23, 2006

Man, that’s cold!

It’s colder than a witch’s *** in much of Europe and northwestern Asia. Moscow has had 27 people freeze to death and seven more in Estonia, five each in Germany, Romania and the Czech Republic, and three in Moldova, All told
More than 50 people have been reported killed by the cold wave in Russia, and scores of victims were recorded elsewhere in Europe over the weekend.
To top it off, some areas have lost their heat.
Nearly 12,000 people were left without heat Monday in Podolsk, a town outside of Moscow, after a major hot-water pipe ruptured, a federal emergency official said. Most Russian towns and cities are heated through municipal heating systems using hot water.

In the Far Eastern Chita region, some residences have been without heat for five days. Heating interruptions also occurred in the Magadan area, where temperatures have hit minus-46,
I can't imagine temperatures that low. I assume, however, that the temperatures are Centigrade where minus-20 would be minus-4 degrees F. The few times I have had temperatures down to minus-20 degrees F in the Adirondacks, I hunkered down next to the fireplace and tried to stay warm.
This winter is the coldest in Moscow since 1978-79, when temperatures reached minus-36.4.
Like I said, man that’s cold.

via Yahoo! News

See also Eastern Europe freezes in killer cold from Yahoo! News UK edition.

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pebblepie said...

I have been hearing about the freezing cold over there, it's not common.

Thank you for your advice! Yes I did get the iPod last night...
I wanted one that also had am/fm radio, but the ones that did, didn't have the scroll screen. So I opted for the iPod.