Thursday, January 26, 2006


Today we had our refi closing here in our NJ home. That’s one more step in financing our log home finished. Next week we visit M & T Mortgage Company in Lancaster, PA to close on the construction loan. Once that is done we will have the money needed to continue on with our project. We’ll be able to provide our first payment to our contractor and to Beaver Mountain so they can get the foundation underway and start milling the logs, respectively.

Meanwhile Terry and I will be making another run to PA (our fourth) with boxed stuff including all the Christmas decorations. Right now Terry and Jess are going through a box of papers dating from way back. They’re digging up treasures such as Jessica’s third grade report cards and Rick’s preschool evaluations. Reading the comments about each of the kids is hysterical. Jessica got a birthday card that showed Ziggy playing a tuba and Rick’s teacher said he had an excellent ability to concentrate upon things in which he was interested but tended not to focus well on other topics! Well, duh!

Terry and I have boxed up some items to be donated for a church sale and some books for the library's sale. This morning the garbagemen had a huge mound of recyclables to haul away.

We're making progress. Slowly but steadily.

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Gun Trash said...

Slow but sure is fine, as long as you're making progress.