Thursday, January 12, 2006

His Nose Was Red--But It Wasn’t Rudolph

From ABC News: Deer Lands in Drama Section at Video Store
It happens from time to time but usually during the rutting (mating) season and this is a little late, especially for Evansville, Indiana. After bounding around in the store for a time and evading the people who tried to shoo it out the door
The now bloody-nosed deer, which appeared to be a young buck about 3-feet tall with small antlers, charged Sulawske, he said.

Then the deer broke through an even larger glass window before police arrived.

Evansville police said the deer was last seen running south along a city street, leaping over cars.

See, he was running and leaping. That’s proof it wasn’t Rudolph. Rudolph can fly!

H/T to basil’s blog

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