Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Moose Sightings IV

In 1993, when Jessica was 13 and Rick was 10, Terry and I packed our Chevy Astro van and headed west for a six-week road trip to tour the national parks. Once again we were going to the Tetons and Yellowstone. This time our trip around Jenny Lake was uneventful but that changed when we drove north to Yellowstone Park. We booked rooms at several of the cabin facilities in the park. Our first night we had a reservation for the Lake Lodge. After checking in, we drove out to tour some of the geyser basins and then to dinner. When we returned to the Lake Lodge, the sun was only a little above the horizon and the moose were on the lake’s shore. It seems every twilight one, two or three moose showed up in the shallows in front of the lodge to feed and the park visitors would come out to watch them. This night there were two that appeared and entertained. The distance from the shoreline to where we stood was only 50 or 60 yards yet the moose were totally unconcerned with our presence.

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