Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Moose Sighting V

In 1994 Rick, Joe, David, Joseph and I made our first trip with Caesar’s Lodge to northern Quebec’s Goin Reservoir. It was our first trophy fishing trip and we were looking for northern pike and walleye. Rick, age 11 at the time, and I fished from the same boat. At one end of the bay in front of the cabin was a short creek that came out of a large body of water. That small lake looked inviting but the creek was shallow with a muddy bottom. I killed the 9.9 horsepower outboard and we pulled out the oars to pole our way through the creek. We could clearly see the bottom and the saucer-sized hoof prints on the bottom that indicated there were moose in the area. Twenty to twenty-five yards through the creek we got into the lake. I looked to our right and saw a cow moose up to her chest in the lake some three hundred yards away. We looked at her and she looked at us for a few minutes then she turned and emerged from the lake onto the shoreline. She looked ungainly as all get out but moved very gracefully as she moved into the fir trees, stopped, looked over her shoulder and then melted into the forest.

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