Sunday, January 15, 2006

January Thaw in the North Country

I drove up to the cabin in the Adirondacks on Friday night to bring some “stuff” for storage as we prepare our Jersey home for the market. On the way up I had to endure the heavy traffic from both the home bound crowd (of which there were few at 7 PM) and the weekend skiers (of which there were a multitude). Luckily, I head west from Albany while most of the skiers continued northward to the slopes.

I got to the cabin around midnight and found mud season had arrived early this year. (Or at least there was a temporary mini mud season in progress.) The air temperature was in the 40’s and, due to Mark’s work with the snowblower, there was a clear driveway all the way to the house. What little snow remained on the cabin roof was melting swiftly and a steady stream was pouring off the gutter. I even found that I had running water when I flipped the switch for the pump. Usually the water in the well head freezes sometime around Christmas and I have to depend upon bottled water and melted snow for my water supply. It was cooler inside the cabin so I built up the fires in the woodstoves to warm the interior before unloading the truck.

I awoke Saturday morning to 40 degrees and rain. In fact, it was foggy and raining much of the morning but around noon the hawk swooped in from the northwest blowing all the fog away and dropping the temperatures. All day they fell and around 4 PM the rain switched to sleet and then light snow. It was down to 20 degrees and still flurrying when I built the fires for the last time and turned out the lights at 11 PM.

This morning there isn’t a cloud in the sky, the hawk is still whistling through the trees and rumbling the metal roof and the temperature was 0 degrees on the thermometer outside my bedroom. I guess the thaw is over.

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