Monday, January 16, 2006

Thaw? What thaw?

Saturday morning started with rain and 40 degree temperatures. By the time the football games started (4 PM) the temperature had dropped into the 20s and it was snowing lightly. Overnight the temp dropped even further reaching 0 degrees by Sunday morning when there were no clouds in the sky and 25-30 mph winds out of the northwest. Despite the sunny skies all day, the temperature Sunday never got above 20 degrees and the wind kept howling right up to sunset. Then, although there was no wind, the clear skies allowed the temperature to plummet again to below 0 degrees and it stayed there all night getting as low as –5 degrees by 6 AM Monday morning. That’s when I discovered I should have left the water dripping all night. The wellhead had frozen and my running water wasn’t. Sigh.

Back to bottled water. And a run to the spring down the road to fill one of the 5-gallon jugs. There just isn’t enough snow to melt for washing dishes either. It’s all just one giant flat pancake of ice after the rains of Friday night and Saturday morning.

I'll be feeding the wood stoves and, like Julie cat, looking for the nice warm patches of sunlight streaming through the glass to sit in for the next two days before I head south.

On the plus side: The nearly full moon was brilliant on the surface of the snow. Lit up the night kinda brilliant. No Northern Lights though. Sigh.

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