Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Horrid haggis makes you heavy?

It’s not exactly like eating too many fish and chips or Big Macs. I can’t see kids sitting down to a school lunch of haggis on a daily basis. Yet haggis has been targeted.
According to health officials in Scotland, the delicacy -- a sheep's stomach lining stuffed with offal, oatmeal, onions and seasoning -- contains too much fat and salt and should only be given to youngsters once a week.
I’d love to know what the annual per capita intake of haggis is that it requires an official condemnation. Perhaps it’s just someone who hates poetry
…the guidance has angered makers of the "love it or hate it" foodstuff, which is traditionally eaten with a tot of whisky on Burn's Night, the annual January 25 celebration of the life of the legendary Scots poet Robert Burns.
Or perhaps it was just to discourage cruelty to children
Haggis was placed on a "restricted" list of foods issued to nurseries, playgroups and childminders as part of a drive by the Scottish Executive in Edinburgh to improve the health of pre-school children under five.

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