Thursday, January 19, 2006

Nominees for Darwin Award?

Say someone scoops up a “rocket-like” object from the sea in their fishing nets and sells it to you for scrap metal. First thing you do is hire some welders with their torches to cut it up, Right? Well, that’s what scrap shop owner Rambabu of MVP Colony, India did. The two welders got knocked on their butts when the thing went off and
After crashing through two concrete electric poles, it severed the limb of Pragya and finally dropped down after hitting the boundary wall of an apartment complex.

The young girl, 16 year-old K. Pragya, lost her left limb (the story doesn’t say if it was an arm or a leg) was rushed to the hospital within minutes. I certainly hope she is doing okay.


Rocket-like projectile creates panic

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