Saturday, January 14, 2006

Got Suckered Again!

So, we went to the Outdoor Sportsmen’s Show this afternoon and I had no intention of booking a trip for this summer but…. Joe and John had a five-day trip planned and booked with Caesar’s Lodge. David made a third and they needed a fourth to round out the party. Joe, John and Oliver (the outfitter) cajoled me and twisted my arm (the left one since I need the right one to write the check) and I finally caved. They all said that Joe couldn’t go without me. He has never done so before. And Oliver jokingly (I think—you can never trust those French Canadians!) threatened not to let Joe have the lake he wanted this time. Anyway, we’re going to Lac Simard on July 2nd. Joe and I have been there before with David and it was a fun lake to fish. I’m sure we’ll have a good time I just hope I can wangle a weeks vacation from my construction “job.” My general contractor seems like a nice enough guy and, since I’m paying him, he probably will be willing to let me go and rest up after the nearly three months of hard labor.

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