Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Thomas Magnum at the movies

Okay, I watched Magnum PI on a regular basis and enjoyed the show. (This was before I swore off network TV series.) Selleck did a great job then and he has done so since. I particularly enjoy all the westerns he has brought to the TV screen. (Funny how the big studios never made any of those cowboy movies for the silver screen.)

What is disturbing about the report that they are bringing Magnum to the big screen is that it shows that those geniuses in La-La Land have so few original ideas. Not too long ago it was a remake of Dukes of Hazard and then King Kong. There are so many books out there that cry out for their chance to become movies yet they go back time and time again to the old ones.

Via Lucianne

Here’s some ideas for new movies. And the authors have many titles out there that could be made into sequels:

The Nevada Barr mysteries. Set in various National Parks the settings alone might wake slumbering audiences.

Lindsey Davis’ Didius Falco mysteries set in ancient Rome are filled with enticing characters and as a historical fiction they could be educational as well as entertaining.

Tony Hillerman. Yeah, I know a few of these were made into TV movies but they could be so much better with the bigger budget the silver screen could provide.

You want weird? How about Carl Hiaasen. And it’s set in the Everglades. Okay, they tried one, Strip Tease with Demi Moore and Burt Reynolds. That one did okay but they never followed up with any other. (Although Hoot will be coming out this summer.)

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