Friday, January 13, 2006

Garden State Outdoor Sportsmen’s Show

The wife and I will be heading out to the 23rd Annual Garden State Outdoor Sportsmen’s Show at the New Jersey Convention And Expo Center at the Raritan Expo Hall in Edison, New Jersey today. We’ll meet with Joe and John and their wives at the door and spend several hours wandering the aisles looking at the different outfitters’ displays and dreaming of places to go to fish and hunt. We’ll stop at the tackle booths and look over some of the new gear that’s available and perhaps think of replacing some of the stuff we’ve worn out or broken.

The ladies will rein us guys in a little and keep us to the dream path more than the actuality of the adventure, I’m sure. Terry has gone to Caesar’s Lodge with me before. The whole family stayed at the main lodge and we did some fishing there and Rick (my son) and I went to a local fly-in lake for a day. But Terry's not a fanatic about fishing and neither is Joe’s wife, Pat. I’ve not met John’s wife yet but, after fishing with John all week last May, I’m sure she’s good people.

Joe and John want to firm up plans with Oliver from Caesar’s Lodge for a trip this summer but I’m looking for the summer of ’07. The building of our log home will take all my time and energy, not to mention cash, this year. I will probably get some time in to hunt either PA or NY in the fall for deer and/or bear. After all, deer season is damn near a state holiday in PA once you get away from Philly. And knowing builders and construction folks as I do, they will certainly want to take the time to get their deer.

After, the six of us will go down the road to Harold’s New York Style Deli for an early dinner before we head home.

I'm in the process of putting together all my camping, hunting and fishing gear so I can take it up north to store in the cabin. Just seeing all I have has put a damper on the urge to splurge at the outdoor show--a little.

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