Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Moose Sightings III

The third moose I ever saw was a full sized bull moose on the north shore of Lake Superior. My wife and I along with our two kids had just finished a visit with the wife’s sister and her family in Kansas City, KS. We drove northward through Minnesota to the Duluth area, crossed the border into Canada and turned east.

We were driving along enjoying the scenery when I noticed a collection of cars on the opposite side of the two-lane road. With no cars behind me, I slowed to see if anyone needed assistance. Several sedans, a pick-up truck and a Volkswagen Beetle were pulled over on the grassy shoulder. People were standing near their cars pointing down into the ditch. As I looked over and peered between their vehicles I could see a mound of brown beast with antlers that looked huge. It was dead. Quite probably, an 18-wheeler had hit the animal while it was crossing the road from the woods on one side to the marsh on the other and it had broken one or more legs before tumbling into the ditch.

We stopped for only a moment so the kids could look over and see the moose before driving on.

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