Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Farmers In Tanzania and Mozambique
Are Cat Food

And farmers in the Midwest think things are tough!
ATTACKS on humans by man-eating lions are on the rise in Tanzania and Mozambique, raising the stakes for conservationists striving to save the big cats from extinction. Lions in the area have developed a taste for human flesh because people have been sleeping outdoors to protect their crops from raiding bush pigs, which the cats follow on to croplands, a leading ecologist said.

So, in trying to save their crops from wild pigs, the farmers become food for the lions.
"Once they discover they can eat people, they become quite bold. They are even breaking into people's houses and pulling them out," Mr Packer said. The lure of the easy kill attracts even lions in the prime of life, contrary to the widely held belief that most man-eaters are elderly animals with diminished hunting abilities.

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From the Scotsman
Via Lucianne

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